Work Schedules

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The Work Schedules feature in the navigation bar's user name drop-down is used to enter and update your personal work schedule information.

IMPORTANT! In AWARDS databases configured to use the Attendance feature, the Work Schedules feature is not available from this location.  Instead it is accessible from the Attendance feature.  For more information on working with work schedules from within the Attendance feature, click here.

If you have access to the Human Resources module, your work schedule (as well as the work schedule of others) can also be entered, updated, deleted, and viewed from within staff information records.  For more information on staff information records, click hereWork schedules can also be accessed and maintained from the Human Resources module Work Schedules feature.  For more information on using the Work Schedules feature from that location, click here.

Required Permissions

The Work Schedules feature is accessible to all AWARDS users with employee logins; however, the point of access may vary based on the configuration of your AWARDS database, as noted above.

Click-by-Click Instructions

Maintaining Your Work Schedule - Learn to enter or update your work schedule information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Work Schedules Frequently Asked Questions