Viewing the Organization Chart

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To view the organization chart, complete the following steps:

    1. From the AWARDS Home screen, click Administration from the left-hand menu, and then click Organization Chart.  The Organization Chart Settings page is displayed.


    1. Click the Supervisor Type drop-down arrow and choose how the organization chart information is to be displayed; by "Work Supervisors," "Timesheet Data" supervisors, or "TimeOff Approval" supervisors.
    2. By default, the organization chart is shown as of today.  If you'd like to see what the organization chart looked like on a different day, change the value in the Set Date field (using mm/dd/yyyy format).
    3. Expand or narrow the amount of data to be included in the organization chart by configuring the following options:

  Tree For - By default, the organization chart includes all staff.  If you'd instead like to view it for a specific staff member, click this drop-down arrow and select the appropriate staff member.

  Levels - To control how many levels of data are displayed in the organization chart, click this drop-down arrow and select the appropriate value from two through six.  The default value is "All Levels."

  TIP: The Levels option works in conjunction with the "Tree For" selection.  For example, if you've chosen to view the tree for Employee X, but you only want to see his/her immediate supervisees, set the levels value to two.  You'll then be shown Employee X and his/her supervisees.  If you also want to see who those people supervise, set the levels value to three, and so on. 

    1. Click the View drop-down arrow and select "Columns" or "Pyramid" to specify how the organization chart data should be displayed visually.  The default value is "Columns." 

  TIP: Pyramid view is formatted as: 


Columns view as: 

When viewing large charts (that include more than 200 names) columns view is recommended.  Some browsers are unable to display such large charts correctly when using pyramid view.

    1. Click the Skip Workers with no Timesheet Data for 60 Days drop-down arrow and select "yes" or "no" to indicate whether workers with no timesheet data for the last 60 days are to be included in the organization chart.

  NOTE: This option is only relevant for agencies using the optional Attendance module to record employee timesheets. 

    1. Click CONTINUE.  The organization chart is displayed on the Organizational Chart page.

On the left-hand side of this page is a list of all employees meeting the criteria specified on the previous page.  (Click an employee's name from that list to be taken to his or her spot in the organization chart.)  On the right-hand side of this page is the organization chart itself.  When viewing the employees list and the chart itself, keep in mind that:

  Some browsers have limitations that prevent charts with more than 200 staff names from displaying properly when using the pyramid view.  If you want to view large charts, the columns view is recommended. 

  Employees who have an asterisk (*) next to their names on the left-hand side of the page are former employees to whom supervisees are still assigned.

  When using the pyramid view, you may find that there are staff floating in unattached boxes.  This reflects that the staff information for those individuals needs to be cleaned up; specifically, their supervisor has been terminated and no new supervisor assigned.  Once that new assignment is made, the staff member will be placed into the appropriate spot on the chart.

  When using the column view, an employee's payroll group is reflected on the chart on the right-hand side of the page by the color in which his or her name is highlighted:


PAYROLL GROUP (with Hours/Week requirements, if applicable)

Dark Blue

Full Time (Hours/Week = 35 or more)


Part Time w/Benefits (Hours/Week = between 24 and 34)

Light Blue

Part Time w/o Benefits (Hours/Week = less than 24)


Shift Worker, which includes:

- Part Time w/o Benefits (Hours/Week = less than 24)

- Full Time (Hours/Week = less than 24)








Per Diem




On Leave (Hours/Week must = 0) *

* On Leave staff who were previously Full Time or Part Time w/Benefits are shown as light blue rather than peach.

Employees whose names are flashing on the right-hand side of the page are those whose payroll group status has changed in the last 90 days.  For more information on payroll group information, click here.

The process of viewing the organization chart is now complete.