Viewing a Payments and Stipends Report

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To view a read-only consumer rental payments and stipends report, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home screen:

    1. Click Administration from the left-hand menu, and then click Operations.  The Operations fly-out menu is displayed.
    2. Click Rent & Utilities.  The Rent & Utilities menu page is displayed. 

    1. Click the Residence Street Addresses drop-down arrow and select the address or residential program for which the report is to be viewed. The default value is "All Addresses."
    2. Click the Database drop-down arrow and select "Reports."
    3. Click Rental Worksheets.  The Rental Worksheets page is displayed.
    4. Click the Renter drop-down arrow and select the consumer for whom the report is to be viewed.

  TIP: If a specific renter is selected, the worksheet report will include signature lines.  If "All Renters" is selected, the report will include one row for each renter with columns for net income, 30% of net income, estimated utility costs, consumer rental payment, agency monthly stipend, and [your agency] monthly payment to owner.  A total amount is also shown for each of these columns.

    1. If a specific renter was selected in step 6, click the Form drop-down arrow and select "Payment" or "Stipend" to indicate which worksheet report is to be viewed.
    2. Confirm that the Database option is set to "Reports."
    3. Click CONTINUE.  The read-only report is displayed.  The contents of this page vary based on whether a specific renter or "All Renters" was selected in step 6.

The process of viewing a payments and stipends report is now complete.