Swapping Residence Units

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To update agency housing records by exchanging or "swapping" the residence location of one client with that of another client, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home screen:

IMPORTANT! The "swap" functionality should NOT be used to correct incorrect bed placements, but rather to reflect actual client movement.  If you need to correct an incorrect placement and your program uses the multi-step intake process, you can re-process admission to select the correct residence unit.  Otherwise, contact the Help Desk for assistance.

    1. Click the Program drop-down arrow in the upper right-hand corner of the page and select the residential program to be worked with.

  NOTE: This feature is not available for non-residential programs.

    1. Click Census from the left-hand menu, and then click Housing.  The Housing fly-out menu is displayed.
    2. Click Residence Swap / Unit Phone The Residence Swap Data Entry Settings page is displayed. 

    1. Click the Location/Resident drop-down arrow and select the location/resident combination for which the residence exchange is to be performed.
    2. Click the Swap Location/Resident drop-down arrow and select the location/resident combination with which the exchange is to occur.
    3. Click the Relocation Date drop-down arrow and select the date on which the relocation is to take place.

  TIP: The relocation date must be on or after the current move-in date of both units being "swapped."

  TIP: Users with the Startup Period Backdating permission must type in the relocation date (using mm/dd/yy format) rather than select it. 

    1. Click Swap Units.  The housing information is saved, and a read-only report version of the results is displayed on the Residence Swap Results page.

The process of updating housing records by performing a residence exchange is now complete.