Sharing / Downloading a Form

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The Download Shared Forms component of the FormBuilder enables you to share the forms you've created with other AWARDS-using providers.  It also gives you the opportunity to download and use forms those providers have consented to share.

The Sharing / Downloading Process

Between the time you initially decide to share a form and the time it is downloaded for use by another provider, several key steps must take place:

  Step 1:  You consent to share a completed form - Upon completion of a form, you can choose to share it with other AWARDS-using providers.  To consent to the sharing of the form, you must complete the Sharing a Form process.

  Step 2:  Foothold Technology reviews and approves the form - The form you have consented to share is then reviewed by Foothold Technology staff.  If Foothold determines it is appropriate for use by other AWARDS-using providers, it is approved.

  Step 3:  The approved form is available to all providers using Download Shared Forms - The approved form is added to the shared forms list located in the FormBuilder's Download Shared Forms feature.  Other providers who are interested in using the form can then download it by completing the Downloading a Shared Form process.  Likewise, you can complete this process to download and use any forms they may have consented to share.

  NOTE: If at any time after this step, you make changes to a form you have shared, those changes are not automatically reflected in the Download Shared Forms feature.  Instead, the form must be re-approved by Foothold Technology.  (No action is required on your part to initiate this process.)  Once re-approved, the updated version of the form replaces the original in the Download Shared Forms index.  It does not, however, replace any already downloaded copies of the form residing in other providers' AWARDS databases.

Click-by-Click Instructions

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