Creating and Processing a Referral Record

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To process consumer intake/admission into a program using the single-step intake form, complete the following steps:

    1. From the navigation bar, click in the Client Search box (or click the Search icon).  The Advanced Search window is displayed.

    1. In the First Name and Last Name fields, type the first two letters of the consumer's first and last names, respectively.  
    2. Click the Number of Results drop-down arrow and select the number of matches that should be displayed in the search results.
    3. Click Search.  The Client Search Results page is displayed.  This page contains a list of consumers and household members with records in the system for whom all or part of the identifying information entered on the previous page is a match.
    4. If there is an existing record for the consumer being admitted, take note of how the name, date of birth, and social security number were entered for him or her.  This information will need to be entered in the exact same manner when creating the referral, so that a duplicate program record is not created.
    5. Click Intake/Admission Menu.  The Intake Records Search page is displayed.

    1. Click the Program drop-down arrow and select the program associated with the consumer to be admitted.
    2. Click the Database drop-down arrow and select "Data Entry."
    3. In the First Name, Last Name, and/or Alias fields, type the consumer's name, initials, and/or alias.  When using full names or identifiers such as SSNs, be sure to enter that information exactly as it was found in any existing records in step 5, if applicable.
    4. Click SEARCH/CREATE.  The Referral Search Results page is displayed. 

This page contains a list of any existing intake records for which the identifying information matches that entered on the Intake Records Search page.

  TIP: Click the heading of any column in the results table to sort the contents by that variable. 

    1. Review the search results on this page to determine how to proceed:

  If the consumer has an existing intake record with an admission date and no discharge date, he or she is currently on the program roster and a new intake/admission should not be processed.

  If the consumer has an existing intake record with both an admission and discharge date, and he or she is being re-admitted to the program, a new intake/admission must be processed.  Continue with step 12.

  If the consumer does not have an existing intake record, one must be created before intake/admission can be processed.  Continue with step 12.

  NOTE: It is also possible for a referral to appear in these results, if the admission process was started via the Household Composition re-direct to admit a household member, but the form was never processed.  In that case, open the referral and continue to step 13

    1. From the "Applicant" column, click Create New Application.  The Admission Form page is displayed.
    2. Complete the admission form by configuring the fields and options on this page as necessary.  If, in step 5, an existing record was found for the consumer, be sure to enter the same name, date of birth, and social security number used in that record. 

  TIP: Residential programs that are set to collect household information contain a Residence drop-down list that is separated into two sections:  Vacant Units and Occupied Units. The beds listed under Vacant Units belong to apartments/units were all beds are listed as vacant.  The beds listed under Occupied Units belong to apartments/units where at least one bed is already occupied.  Selecting a bed listed under Occupied Units places the client in a unit with roommates, which may be other household members.

  NOTE: Programs set to submit the HUD APR require more data entry at intake/admission than non-APR programs, so the fields and options on the admission form may be different from program-to-program. 

    1. At this time, do one of the following: 

  Admit the consumer - Click HOUSING ADMISSION or PROCESS ADMISSION (which label is used for this button is determined by the program type - residential or non-residential, respectively).  The consumer's admission form is saved, he or she is admitted to the selected program, and a read-only report version of the admission form is displayed if the program does not collect household information.  If the program is set to collect household information, the Household Composition page is displayed and you can place the consumer into a new or existing household.  For instructions on that process and on working with household information more generally, click here.

  Reject the consumer - Click Not Accepted Into Program.  The consumer's admission form is then saved with the application status of rejected.

  TIP: To make changes to the intake/admission information at this time, click DATA ENTRY to return to the Admission Form data entry page.  

  NOTE: If any data entry errors are found by AWARDS after HOUSING ADMISSION / PROCESS ADMISSION or Not Accepted Into Program is clicked, the admission/rejection process is halted and the errors are listed in red at the top and the page.  In the event that an error is received, make any necessary corrections, and click the appropriate button again before proceeding.

If the listed default referral source is correct, the intake/admission process is now complete.  However, if the referral source needs to be updated, continue with step 15

    1. Click UPDATE REFERRAL SOURCE.  The Referral Source Selection Settings page is displayed.

  NOTE: Referral source information must be entered before intake or admission can be processed for a referral.

    1. Click one of the "Referred By" radio buttons on this page to indicate who referred the applicant:

  Self - If the client was self-referred, click this radio button and continue with step 17.

  Other - If the client was referred in another way, click this radio button and continue with step 17.

  Agency - If the client was referred by another agency, click this radio button and continue with step 18.

    1. Click CONTINUE.  The referral source information is saved and the Referral Information Form page is re-displayed.  Continue with step 21.
    2. Click the Referral Agency drop-down arrow and select the source agency.

  NOTE: The agency select list includes those agencies specified for inclusion as Admission Referral Sources in the Referral Agencies feature.

To first narrow the contents of the selection list, type the first few letters of the agency's name or street address in the corresponding Search field.

    1. Once an agency has been selected, the Referral Contact drop-down list is automatically refreshed to reflect those contacts saved for that agency (within the Referral Agencies module), along with an "Unknown" option.  Click this drop-down arrow and select the applicable contact name for the referral source.

  TIP: New referring agencies and contacts cannot be added from within a a referral/admission record.  If it is necessary to have an addition made and you do not have access to the Referral Agencies module, contact your local Help Desk team for assistance.  They can assist you or put you in touch with someone with the necessary access.

    1. Click CONTINUE.  The Admission Form page is displayed.
    2. Click UPDATE FORM. The information is saved and a confirmation page is displayed. 

The intake/admission process is now complete.