Electronic Signatures Rules

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The AWARDS electronic signatures functionality allows staff and, in some cases, clients and "other" individuals to electronically sign (e-sign) select records - progress notes, group notes, service plans, discharge records, and "standalone" FormBuilder forms.

Other forms, considered "embedded," are presently excluded from e-signing.  Embedded forms are those with locations that result in the form being incorporated entirely within another AWARDS record.

Before a program can begin to use the electronic signatures functionality several configuration steps must take place.  The specific types of configuration required are based on where in AWARDS electronic signatures will be used:

Electronic signatures for individual users and clients with AWARDS logins are created and maintained within the Organizer module.  For more information, click here.  Electronic signatures for clients without AWARDS logins are created and maintained within the Client Lookup module.  For more information, click here.

Required Permissions

Permissions required to configure electronic signature rules - either on a global or program level - are:

In addition, if you are working in a divisional database, you must be set up as Continuum staff in the Human Resources module in order to access and configure the global electronic signature rules.

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