Deleting a Form

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To delete a form in its entirety, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home screen:

  TIP: To delete a single instance of a form that has been completed for a client from the Services, Employment, or Medical module menu page, please refer to the frequently asked question on deleting a completed form, located here.

    1. Click Administration in the left-hand menu, and then click Builders & Tools.  The Builders & Tools fly-out menu is displayed.
    2. Click FormBuilder.  The FormBuilder Menu page is displayed.

    1. Click FormBuilder Configuration.  The FormBuilder - Index page is displayed.  

This page contains an index of all existing forms associated with programs to which you have chart access permission, as well as an option to add a new form.

  TIP: To see at a glance which programs a form is associated with, click the arrow to the left of the form name.  A Programs pop-up is displayed.  Click Close when you are finished reviewing the programs list.

    1. Click the delete icon for the form to be deleted.  

  NOTE: A form can only be deleted if it has no data saved in it.  If a form cannot be deleted, the delete icon is not available for it on the FormBuilder - Index page. 

A confirmation dialog box is displayed.

    1. Click OK.  The form is deleted and the updated FormBuilder - Index page is displayed.

The process of deleting a form is now complete. 

  NOTE: Deleting a form you previously consented to share does not impact its availability in the Download Shared Forms feature or in the databases of providers who have already downloaded it.