Accessing a Client's Records in an Emergency

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To break the glass and access a client's record without having chart access to the programs a client is enrolled in, complete the following steps:

    1. From the navigation bar, click the Client Search box (or the Search icon).  The Advanced Search window is displayed.

    1. Search for the client for whom emergency access is needed by entering identifying information in one or more of the fields in this window.  These fields may include:


First Name

Last Name


Personal ID

Medicaid CIN


Chart ID

Member ID


    1. Click the Number of Results drop-down arrow and select the number of client matches to be displayed in the search results.
    2. Click SearchThe Client Search Results page is displayed.

This page lists those clients with AWARDS records for whom all or part of the search criteria entered on the previous page are a match.

    1. In this list, locate the client for whom emergency access is needed, and then click the Break the Glass icon for that client.

Break the Glass pop-up message is displayed.  

    1. In the Reason field, type the reason for invoking emergency access for this client; otherwise, click Cancel to exit and return to the Client Search Results page.
    2. Click Break the Glass.  The page is refreshed and the Client Search Results page is displayed for the client for whom emergency access has been invoked.

  NOTE: While in the break the glass session, you will have full access to ALL programs for the client even if you do not have program chart access to all programs in the client’s history.  (This temporary access includes any "protected" programs set to not share data under System Setup > Agency Program Information > Add/Edit Entire Program.Your program chart access permissions will revert to normal after you log out.  

    1. Click the linked client name.  The Client Information page is displayed.

From this page, key components of the client's chart records can be accessed, including entitlements, employment and hospitalization records, face sheet, progress notes and contacts log, service plans, and charting timetable events.

    1. To return to the client information page after viewing the client's chart records, click Back to Consumer Menu.
    2. To end the break the glass session, click your name from the navigation bar, and then click Log Out.

The emergency access process is now complete.  The next time you log into AWARDS your permissions and access will be back to normal.