Viewing the Calendar

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The Calendar can be accessed the navigation bar on any AWARDS page.  When the module button (or icon) is clicked, the Calendar page's viewing options are displayed.  (By default, these options will be set to display your appointments and events for the current week and next week.)  Adjust those settings if needed, and then click DISPLAY CALENDAR to view the dates and appointments/events meeting your selection criteria. 

IMPORTANT! The Calendar's viewing options can be used to adjust the timeframe and content of the Calendar to meet your individual needs.  Keep in mind that some of the viewing options are dynamic, meaning that the selections they make available to you are based on other options you've set on the Calendar page.  As a result, it is best to configure the options in the order in which they are shown on the page, particularly in the case of View, Scope, Selection, and Included Events which should be set in that order.  To learn more about the available viewing options, click here.

If, while the Calendar is displayed, you change the settings on the viewing options used, click REFRESH CALENDAR to apply those changes.  (Note that if the View or Scope settings are changed the Calendar display is temporarily removed from the page, at which point you must click DISPLAY CALENDAR to apply your settings and view appointment and event information again.)