Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

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The 21st Century CURES Act requires Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for Medicaid personal care services (PCS) and home health services (HHCS) that require an in-home visit by a provider.  EVV involves using an application on a mobile device that allows a provider to demonstrate that they're physically present when providing a service. While every state may implement EVV differently, AWARDS EVV has an integrated workflow for visit verification that reduces double data entry, integrates with service documentation, and makes sure that billing works seamlessly with state exchanges and MCOs.  AWARDS EVV also handles the burden of interoperability to different exchanges and MCOs while providing you with the AWARDS experience that's familiar to your users and is fully compliant with states that allow alternate EVV systems.

AWARDS EVV is an add-on service available by subscription.  Please review the resources below to learn more.

Click-by-Click Instructions

For detailed information on using AWARDS EVV, the following Instruction Sheet outlines the basic setup tasks required, walks through all common EVV administration and use tasks, and details the answers to those questions most commonly asked by EVV users.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) - Instruction Sheet

FootholdConnect Event Recordings

AWARDS EVV for I/DD (54 min) - June 2020

Service Agreements

As noted above, EVV is an optional add-on service available for subscription as a part of AWARDS.  If you are interested in learning more about the EVV service and/or you would like to proceed with signing up for it, please download and complete the agreement below, and then submit it to your Foothold Customer Success & Advocacy team representative.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) - Information Sheet & Service Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your agency have questions about AWARDS EVV before signing up?  Check out these frequently asked questions for a variety of helpful information.

  TIP: If your agency is already signed up to use AWARDS EVV, additional frequently asked questions can be found in the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) - Instruction Sheet.

What is the definition of a user for pricing purposes? 

A user is defined as a worker with a license to use the phone application; for example, someone providing services to individuals in the community.

Does AWARDS EVV work with phones and tablets?  Can it work offline? 

The app will work on Android and iOS phones and tablets that have standalone GPS and, at the very least, data by "hotspot."  Documentation done without GPS data will be registered as an exception.

How does AWARDS EVV work when staff are working with multiple individuals in a day and travel time needs to be accounted for? 

CellTrak supports both scheduled and unscheduled events and can report out on travel time as well.  If an event occurs at a different time than scheduled, that's not a problem - it will report back into AWARDS for documentation at the actual time the event occurred.

How long is data maintained in Celltrak? 

Data in CellTrak is maintained for 13 months for user generated reports.  Data older than that requires a CellTrak support request.  The data will be accessible in AWARDS in perpetuity however, because data is synced from AWARDS to CellTrak and then back to AWARDS after visit completion.

Can additional notes be written for non-billable time by staff on a day they delivered service?  For example, we have these notes for travel time, training, and documentation time, and we don't want this time to be added to billable time.

You can only link one note to a synced EVV record; however, notes not linked to EVV records can continue to be entered in AWARDS.

Is the area covered by the GeoFence configurable? 


If staff chooses the wrong EVV Visit and writes a note is it possible to unlink that note and select the correct EVV Visit? 

Yes, by deleting the note.

How will the EVV work when we deliver service with a group of people who may not all start and stop at the same time? 

CellTrak's ShareCare feature supports individually starting and ending individual parts of group visits.

Can you call in with a landline phone instead using the app?

While AWARDS only supports the app version of CellTrak, we can enable the interactive voice prompt version of the software with limitations.

Is it possible to punch in with CellTrak for a visit that hasn't been scheduled for the worker by the office? 

Yes, CellTrak can register an unscheduled visit, and after the visit is closed in CellTrak it can be synced in AWARDS.

Which aggregators are Foothold and CellTrak currently working with? 

eMedNY in New York as well as SanData and HHAeXchange nationally but notable in PA and NJ, respectively.

Does AWARDS EVV work with ratio billing or group services? 

Yes through CellTrak's ShareCare feature, you can record ratio or group services with AWARDS EVV.