HMIS Grantee APR Data

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Below is a detailed list of the questions located on the HMIS Grantee APR and the data they contain.  To jump directly to the information for a specific question, press <Ctrl+F> to access your browser's search field and enter the name of the question you'd like to view.

IMPORTANT! When reviewing this information, please keep in mind that the HMIS Grantee APR uses data entered into AWARDS under Intake/Admission, Discharge, and System Setup; specifically, all universal data elements, all project descriptor data elements, and user information.  

Universal data elements include:

- Name
- Social Security Number
- Gender
- Date of Birth
- Race
- Ethnicity
- Disabling Condition
- Destination
- Client Location
- Length of Time on Street
- Relationship to Head of Household
- Admission and Discharge Dates
- Personal ID
- Household ID

Project descriptor data elements include:

- Project Name
- HMIS Project Type
- Continuum of Care
- Funding Sources
- Site Information
- Bed and Unit Inventory Information as found in the HMIS Bed Inventory feature
- HMIS Participating Project
- Grant Start Date
- Grant End Date

Section 4 - HMIS Software Information

This section asks about AWARDS functionality.  We have answered Q1 and Q5 - Q8 for you; answers to the other questions must be entered directly into Sage.

Section 6 - Users

For Q1: Identify how many total HMIS users there are in the implementation we have provided you with a count of all of the distinct users who have the ability to log into the CoC specified in this report (excluding anyone who does not have chart access permission to a homeless system project in that CoC).  You must enter answers to the other questions directly into Sage.

Section 8 - System Coverage

This section provides calculations about the HMIS Projects included and the clients served in Q1Q3, and Q5.  You must enter answers to the other questions - Q2Q4, and Q6 - directly into Sage.

Q1: General Coverage across the HMIS Implementation

This question looks at the following HMIS project types: 

- Emergency Shelter
- Transitional Housing
- Permanent Supportive Housing
- Rapid Re-housing
- Safe Haven

The # of Beds on HIC column counts the total number of beds for programs of each project type that exist on the report's Point In Time Date using the "Total Bed Inventory" value entered in the HMIS Bed Inventory feature. The HMIS Bed Inventory records included will be limited to the CoC(s) selected on the report settings page. 

The # of Beds in HMIS column is a subset of the Beds on HIC number, but will include only the beds for programs where "Participates in HMIS" = Yes under Agency Program Information

The Rate of Coverage column equals # of Beds in HMIS / # of Beds on HIC  represented as a percentage with two decimal points. (Programs that are located in multiple CoCs are included in this calculation; however, only bed inventory records for the applicable CoCs are included.)

Q3: Identify how many client records are in your HMIS system

This question provides an unduplicated count of unique client records in the HMIS; specifically, it counts all of the clients who have been admitted into any HMIS projects in your specified CoC since the database's inception, through the end of the reporting period.  Only admitted clients are included. The question is unduplicated (based on Personal ID) so that each client is only counted once.   

  TIP: A homeless system project is any project (excluding test and training projects) where the following options are set under System Setup > Agency Program Information > Add/Edit Entire Program:

- Use HMIS Data Elements = Checked off
- Continuum Project = Yes

Q5: Describe the participation of projects funded by each of the federal partner programs

For each of the following funding types, this question calculates whether or not projects are submitting and displays one of the four options listed below.

  NOTE: Each funding type might encompass more than one funding source.

Funding types

- HUD: CoC (Not Including DV Providers):
- HUD: ESG (Not Including DV Providers):
- HHS: RHY–Basic Center Program (BCP):
- HHS: RHY–Transitional Living Program (TLP):
- HHS: RHY–Street Outreach Program (SOP):
- HHS: RHY–Maternal Group Home (MGH):
- VA: Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF):
- VA: GPD:


  Grantee(s) have funding and are entering data into HMIS - if all the programs with that type of funding source are listed under Agency Program Information as "Participating in HMIS" = YES.  Excludes programs in divisions where "Victim Service Provider" = YES (under Continuum Provider Agency Information).

  Grantee(s) have funding and are NOT entering data into HMIS - if all the programs with that type of funding source are listed under Agency Program Information as "Participating in HMIS" = NO.

  There are no grants for this in this HMIS Implementation - if there are no programs with that type of funding source in the division that are NOT "Victim Service Provider" = YES (under Continuum Provider Agency Information).

  Some Grantee(s) are entering Data into HMIS and some are not - if some of the programs with that type of funding source are listed under Agency Program Information as "Participating in HMIS" = YES and some are listed as = NO.  Excludes programs in divisions where "Victim Service Provider" = YES (under Continuum Provider Agency Information).

  TIP: Only funding sources with dates that fall within the report period are included. Be sure you check your Victim Service Provider and Participating in HMIS values on the Agency Programs ReportBuilder before running your HMIS Grantee APR.