Medication Monitoring Form Frequently Asked Questions

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The following frequently asked questions provide details on the most commonly asked about pieces of the Medication Monitoring feature.  Click a question from the list here to navigate directly to the corresponding answer, or scroll through the full list of questions and answers below.

Why is the end date for a medication "X'd out" on the form?

Why is the end date for a medication "X'd out" on the form?

The system assumes that the consumer is not taking the medication on the end date, and will cross that date out on the medication monitoring form as a result.  It will also cross out all remaining days in the month as shown here.  In this example the medication's end date was entered as the 15th of the month.

If the consumer will be taking the medication through a specific date and you wish to have that reflected on the medication monitoring form, the end date should be entered as the day after the date on which the consumer will last take the medication.

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