Locating and Viewing Reports

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To locate and view a report using the Reports module, click Reports (or click the Reports icon) from the AWARDS navigation bar.  The Reports index is displayed.

All AWARDS reports and ReportBuilders are easily accessible from the Reports index page using the following tools and navigation features:

  "Show Reports" display options - By default the index includes only your bookmarked favorite reports (if any) - OR - all reports (if you have no bookmarked favorites).  To expand or limit the display, use the selection options under "Show Reports" in the left-hand menu.  Available options are:  "All," "ReportBuilders," and "Bookmarked."

  Sorting options - By default the index is sorted alphabetically by report name, from A-Z; however, it can also be sorted alphabetically by Module by clicking that column heading in the table.  Clicking a column heading (Name or Module) a second time reverses the sort order.

  Navigation options - 25 reports are listed on the index by default. To access reports on subsequent pages of the index, click the arrows in the bottom-right corner of the index table.  To display 10 or 50 records at a time, click the Show drop-down to the left of the record count, also in the bottom-right corner, and make a selection.

  Search and filtering options - Search field is available on the action bar along with a corresponding Filter by drop-down list.  To search the contents of the index (including those records not currently displayed on the page), enter a value in the Search field.  The index is automatically updated as you type.  To further narrow your search, use the Filter by selection to indicate whether the search should look at data in "Name" (the default), "All Columns," "Module," or "Description."

  Bookmarking option - To mark a report or ReportBuilder as a favorite, click the star icon to the left of the report name.  When one or more reports have been bookmarked, those reports are automatically displayed by default when you open the Reports module.  They can also be accessed using the "Bookmarked" option in the left-hand menu.

To open the report you would like to view once you've located it using the above options, click its name from the reports table.  The settings page for that report is then displayed, enabling you to proceed with the report generation process.  

IMPORTANT! Which reports are accessible to you from within the Reports module is based on your permissions for functionality elsewhere in the system.  For example, you will not have access to Intake reports if you do not have access to the Intake/Admission module functionality.

  TIP: Instructions detailing how to run the individual reports found in the Reports module can be found within the Online Help section corresponding to the report's content; for example, for instructions on running the Allergies ReportBuilder pertaining to data collected in the Medical module, navigate to Medical and then Allergies in the Help table of contents, and then click Using the Allergies ReportBuilder.