Viewing an Announcement

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Once posted, announcements can be viewed by all users, or by users in a targeted user group (based on settings specified when the announcement was posted).  To view an announcement, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home screen:

  TIP: The following instructions detail viewing an announcement from within the FootholdConnect feature; however, your agency can also choose to display announcements directly on the AWARDS Home screen (in which case they are accessible as links in the left-hand menu) or as pop-ups that display as soon as you log in to AWARDS.

    1. Click FootholdConnect from the left-hand menu bar.  The FootholdConnect pop-up menu is displayed.

  NOTE: Unless you have the Announcements Upload/Edit permission, the FootholdConnect module is only included on the left-hand menu bar when there are active announcements posted for you to view. 

Within the FootholdConnect pop-up menu announcements are grouped by category.  Depending on the types of active announcements currently posted, you may see one or more of the following categories on the menu:

  What's new in AWARDS - Contains announcements posted by Foothold Technology to alert users about new AWARDS features and functionality.

  Optional Enhancements - Contains announcements posted by Foothold Technology to alert users about optional AWARDS enhancements being offered for deployment.

  Events - Contains announcements posted by Foothold Technology to alert users about upcoming AWARDS-related events such as monthly enhancements webinars.

  Tip of the Month - Contains announcements posted by Foothold Technology to provide users with useful AWARDS tips and tricks.

  Agency Announcements - Contains announcements posted by agency/continuum staff with the "Announcement Center Upload/Edit" permission.

If there is no announcement posted in a category, that category is not included on the menu.

    1. Click the name of the announcement you want to view.  The FootholdConnect pop-up menu is closed and in its place a pop-up containing the selected announcement is displayed. 

If an announcement has an attachment, click the linked name of that attachment to open it.

    1. When you have finished viewing the announcement, click Close.  The announcement is closed and the FootholdConnect pop-up menu is re-displayed.
    2. Click Close to return to AWARDS Home screen.

The process of viewing an announcement is now complete.