Deleting or Disabiling an Announcement

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If there is an agency announcement that should no longer be available for viewing on the FootholdConnect pop-up menu, you have the option to delete that announcement or to disable it.  Deleting an announcement removes it from AWARDS entirely.  Disabling an announcement means that it is not actively available for viewing any longer, but it remains in AWARDS so that it can be worked with in the future as needed, or so that you have a historical record of previously posted announcements.

To delete or disable an existing announcement, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home screen:

    1. Click FootholdConnect from the left-hand menu bar.  The FootholdConnect pop-up menu is displayed.

    1. Click Add/Edit Announcement.  The Announcements index page is displayed.

To delete one of the existing agency announcements listed on this page, continue with step 3

To disable one of these agency announcements, continue with step 5.

    1. Click the delete icon next to the announcement to be deleted. 

A confirmation dialog box is displayed.

    1. Click OK.  The announcement is deleted and the updated Announcements index page is displayed.

The process of deleting an agency announcement is now complete.   The steps listed below are only relevant when disabling an active announcement.

    1. Click the name of the announcement to be disabled.  The Announcement Detail page is displayed.
    2. Click the Settings tab.  The announcement setting options are displayed.

    1. Click the Disabled radio button.

  NOTE: Disabling an announcement overrides any start and end date settings that may have been previously specified for that announcement on this page.

    1. Click CONTINUE.  The announcement is disabled and is removed from the FootholdConnect pop-up menu.  The updated Announcements index page is also displayed at this time.  The announcement's new status is reflected in the "Status" column on that page.

The process of disabling an active agency announcement is now complete.

  TIP: To confirm that a disabled announcement is no longer available for viewing, first refresh your Home screen by clicking your browser's Refresh button, or pressing <Ctrl+R>.  Next, click FootholdConnect from the left-hand menu bar.  The announcement will not be listed in any portion of the displayed pop-up menu.