Undoing a Transfer

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To undo a client transfer, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home screen:

IMPORTANT! Undoing transfers requires the Client Transfers - Undo permission.  Additionally, only staff of the transferring-out program, not the transferring-in program, can complete the undo transfer process.

    1. From the AWARDS Home screen, click Census from the left-hand menu, and then click Transfers.  The Client Transfer page is displayed.

    1. Click the Program drop-down arrow and select the program transferring-out program of the client whose transfer is to be undone.
    2. Click the Database drop-down arrow and select "Reports."
    3. Click CONTINUE.  The Transfer Report - Settings page is displayed.
    4. If  necessary, make adjustments to the values in the Start Date and/or End Date fields so that the client's transfer date falls within that range.
    5. Click the Transferred Clients drop-down arrow and select "Clients Transferred Out."
    6. If you know the case worker who was assigned to the client at the transferring-out program, click the Case Worker drop-down arrow and choose that worker; otherwise, leave this option blank.
    7. Click CONTINUE.  The read-only client transfers report is displayed on the Clients Transferred Out page.  This page contains a list of all transfers meeting the criteria entered on the report settings page.

    1. Click the name of the client whose transfer is to be undone. 

  TIP: If the client had more than one transfer out during the date range set in step 5, each of those transfers is listed separately.  Be sure to review the transfer details before clicking the client name to ensure that you are selecting the correct transfer.

The individual transfer record is opened and displayed on the Client Transfer page.

    1. Click Undo Transfer.  The Client Transfer Undo page is displayed.

    1. As noted on this page, when a transfer is undone, all of the client's data in the transferring-in program is deleted, and it cannot be restored once the undo process is complete.  Review the transfer information carefully before proceeding to make sure that the correct transfer is being undone.
    2. If the transfer being undone is from a residential program, the client will, upon completion of the undo transfer process, automatically be placed in the residence unit he or she occupied prior to the transfer. 

If the client's previous residence unit was not available continuously from the transfer date through today, a residence unit selection option is included on the Client Transfer Undo page.  In such instances, click available drop-down arrow and select the residence unit into which the client is to be placed as of the transfer date.

  NOTE: The option to place the client into a residence unit is not relevant, and therefore unavailable, when the transferring-out program is non-residential.

    1. Click CONTINUE.  The transfer is undone and a confirmation page is displayed.

The process of undoing a transfer is now complete.