Searching for Help Information

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The search functionality in the Online Help system enables you to enter a topic or keyword for which you would like to locate information.  It then provides you with a list of relevant topics based on your search criteria.  To conduct a search, complete the following steps:

    1. Click the Search tab at the top of the Online Help navigation pane.  The contents of the search tab are displayed.

    1. In the field at the top of the tab, type a keyword (for example "intake") or  task (for example "processing intake").  For a broader range of results, use more general terms.  For narrow results, use more specific terms and/or surround your keywords with quotes.
    2. Click Go or press <ENTER> on your keyboard.  If search results are found, they are listed in the help topic pane.

  TIP: If your search did not result in any matches, please ensure that the keyword(s) entered were spelled correctly, or search again using more general terms.

    1. Click the link for any of the search results to view the corresponding Help information.  To return to the search results page from within a Help topic, click your browser's back button.  If that button is not available, right-click on the Help page and select Back.

The process of conducting an Online Help search is now complete.