Generating the PATH QCMR DataFile

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The QCMR DataFile provides a single text file containing all of the data from the Level of Service and Client Movement Reports.  The text file has a .xls extension so that it can be easily opened using Microsoft Excel. 

To generate the PATH QCMR DataFile, complete the following steps:

    1. From the AWARDS Home screen, click Administration from the left-hand menu, and then click Fiscal.  The Fiscal fly-out menu is displayed.
    2. Click PATH QCMRs and Data Export.  The Quarterly Contract Monitoring Report (QCMR) PATH Program settings page is displayed.

    1. Click the Project drop-down arrow and select the project for which the DataFile is to be generated.  To generate the file for all relevant projects simultaneously, select "All PATH Projects."
    2. By default the Send in AWARDS Message option is checked.  When this option is checked you need not wait for the data file to generate, and can navigate away from the PATH QCMR feature after finishing the configuration process.  Once the data file is ready for downloading, it is sent to you in the body of a message accessed via your Messages module inbox.  Use of this option is strongly recommended; however, it can be de-selected at this time if necessary.

  NOTE: When using this option the report will remain in your messages for one month, after which time it will be deleted. (The exact date of deletion will be displayed in red at the top of the report message for your reference.) If you know you will need the report content after that time, be sure to download the Excel file (Excel or HTML content (Report Content.html) attached to the report message.  If you don't download one of these attachments before the message is deleted, you will need to manually re-generate the report if you need access to it in the future. 

    1. Click PATH QCMR DataFile.  The Quarterly Contract Monitoring Report (QCMR) DataFile page is displayed.

  NOTE: If you chose to send the report to yourself via the Messages module (in step 4), a notice is first displayed on the page to let you know that report generation is in process and that the report will be sent to your Messages module upon completion. You can then navigate away from the page, or wait for the report to complete. 

    1. Click the link Click to Download - PATH QCMR DataFile.  A PHI Download Alert is displayed, reminding you of your obligation to properly handle any confidential data and/or protected health information (PHI) within the download in accordance with related government regulations and agency policies.  After reading the alert, click OK to acknowledge it and proceed with the export.  The file is downloaded to your computer.

The process of generating the PATH QCMR DataFile is now complete.

  NOTE: DataFile contents are pulled from the Level of Service (LOS) and Client Movement (CMR) Reports as follows:

- PPUID - Intentionally left blank for use later
- CalYr - The selected year
- CalQtr - The selected quarter
- ConQtr - The agency's reporting quarter
- TotalClients - Not currently used (displays zero)
- NewEn&T - Not currently used (displays zero)
- 30State - From CMR Question 7A
- 30Co - From CMR Question 7B
- 30STCF - From CMR Question 7C
- 30Other - From CMR Question 7D
- ServMedElig - From LOS Question 1A
- ServMedNonElig - From LOS Question 1B
- Outreached - From LOS Question 2
- MICA - From LOS Question 3
- OnsiteIndivid - From LOS Question 4A
- OffsiteIndivid - From LOS Question 5A
- LinkFinancial - From LOS Question 10A
- LinkLTHouse - From LOS Question 10B
- LinkTempShelter - From LOS Question 10C
- LinkDrugAlc - From LOS Question 10D
- LinkMed - From LOS Question 10E
- LinkMH - From LOS Question 10F
- LinkRehab - From LOS Question 10G
- LinkScreen - No longer used
- Units - From LOS Question 6A + Question 6B
- Begin - From CMR Question 1
- New - From CMR Question 2
- TransTo - From CMR Question 3
- TransFrom - From CMR Question 4
- Term - From CMR Question 5
- End - From CMR Question 6
- HousingFunds - Intentionally left blank for later use
- SupportiveServ - From LOS Question 12
- GrpUnitsOn - From LOS Question 4B
- GrpUnitsOff - From LOS Question 5B
- PhoneCon - From LOS Question 7
- TotIndUnits - From LOS Question 6A
- TotGrpUnits - From LOS Question 6B
- IndUnitsMed - From LOS Question 8A
- IndUnitNotM - From LOS Question 8B
- GrpUnitsMed - From LOS Question 9A
- GrpUnitNotM - From LOS Question 9B
- Date Recd - Today's date
- USTFCode - From LOS Header