Editing an Announcement

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To make changes to an existing announcement, either active or disabled, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home screen:

    1. Click FootholdConnect from the left-hand menu bar.  The FootholdConnect pop-up menu is displayed.

    1. Click Add/Edit Announcement.  The Announcements index page is displayed.

    1. From the list of existing agency announcements shown on this page, click the name of the announcement to be edited.  The Announcement Detail page is displayed.
    2. Use one or more of the three tabs available on this page to adjust the announcement's content, settings, and/or attachments:

  Content tab - Using the fields and options on this tab, make changes to the announcement's title and/or text as needed.

  Settings tab - Using the fields and options on this tab, adjust the announcement's type, status, display type, start date, end date, and/or target user groups as needed.

  Attachments tab - Using the fields and options on this tab, add or remove attachments for this announcement as needed. 

  TIP: To remove an attachment, click the delete icon next to that attachment.

    1. Click CONTINUE.  The announcement is saved and the Announcements index page is re-displayed.  Any changes made to the announcement's title, status, and/or start and end dates are reflected on this page.

The process of editing an announcement is now complete.