Deleting an Agency File Cabinet Document

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To delete an Agency File Cabinet document from AWARDS, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home screen:

    1. Click Administration from the left-hand menu bar, and then click Agency File CabinetThe Agency File Cabinet fly-out menu is displayed.
    2. Click Attach/Edit Document (or Edit Document).  The Agency File Cabinet Editing Index page is displayed, containing a list of all existing Agency File Cabinet documents.

  NOTE: Depending on whether any documents have already been added to the Agency File Cabinet, the name of this link may instead read as Attach Document.  This label is shown when no documents have yet been attached to the Agency File Cabinet.   In such instances, there are no documents available for deleting and so the remaining steps in the deletion process do not apply.

  TIP:  Click the heading of either table column to sort the table contents by that column.  Click the heading again to reverse to sort order.  To sort by a secondary characteristic, press <SHIFT> and click on the second column heading.

    1. Click the name of the document to be deleted.  The Attach a File Cabinet Document on this Page - Data Entry page is displayed.

    1. Check the Delete checkbox.  A delete confirmation dialog box appears.
    2. Click OK
    3. Click UPDATE DOCUMENT.  The document is deleted and the AWARDS Home screen is re-displayed.  The deleted document will no longer be displayed on the Agency File Cabinet menu.

The process of deleting an Agency File Cabinet document is now complete.

  NOTE: Deletions of Agency File Cabinet documents are tracked in the audit trail and can be viewed using the Audit Trail ReportBuilder.