Attaching an Agency File Cabinet Document

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To attach a new document to an AWARDS page, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home screen:

    1. Click Administration from the left-hand menu bar, and then click Agency File CabinetThe Agency File Cabinet fly-out menu is displayed.
    2. Click Attach Document.  The Agency File Cabinet Editing Index page is displayed.

  NOTE:  Depending on whether any documents have already been added to the Agency File Cabinet, and if so how many, the name of this link may instead read as:

Attach/Edit Document - Shown when documents have previously been added to the agency file cabinet (as seen in the screen shot above).

Edit Document - Shown if the agency file cabinet's maximum size has been reached and no further documents can be attached.  (By default, the Agency File Cabinet can hold up to 32MB of documents.  If your agency is interested in increasing this storage limit for a fee, please review the  File Cabinet - Additional Storage Space Information & Pricing Guide and contact your Foothold Customer Success & Advocacy representative.)  Once this limit has been reached documents can only be  Edited or Deleted, and so the remaining steps below will not apply.

    1. Click the Add New Document link.  The Attach a File Cabinet Document on this Page - Data Entry page is displayed.

    1. In the Document Name field, type the name of the document.  The name you enter must be less than 40 characters, and should be descriptive; it will display as the user's link to this document on the Agency File Cabinet menu.
    2. In the Brief Description field, type a brief description of what the document contains.  The description you enter must be less than 100 characters; it will be displayed as a mouseover pop-up when a user moves his or her cursor over the link for this document on the Agency File Cabinet menu.
    3. Click the Browse button located next to the File field.  A File Upload window is displayed.
    4. Select the file to be attached, and then click OpenAccepted file types are DOC, XLS, PDF, JPG, BMP, TIFF, and ZIP. 

  NOTE:  While there are no limits on how many individual documents can be added to an agency's file cabinet, the maximum individual file size allowed is 8MB per document.  Further, the total storage limit (which defaults to 32MB) may prevent additional documents from being added.  A space tracker is displayed at the bottom of this page to indicate how much of the available storage space is currently in use. 

    1. Click ADD DOCUMENT.  The document is attached and the AWARDS Home screen is re-displayed.

  TIP: To see the link for your newly attached document at this time, click Agency File Cabinet.  If it's necessary to make changes to the document's name on the Agency File Cabinet menu, and/or to the document's mouseover description (if you entered one), follow the process for Editing an Agency File Cabinet Document.

The process of attaching a document to the Agency File Cabinet is now complete.