Activating E-Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) (NEW)

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In addition to the instructions provided here, be sure to take a look at our 3 minute E-Prescribing - Completing Registration for EPCS Prescribers by Administrators training film!

In order to electronically prescribe controlled substances (EPCS), providers must complete an ID proofing process, instructions for which are emailed directly to them outside of AWARDS.  Once the ID proofing is complete, a user with an Administrator-level access to AWARDS E-Prescribing must work with the provider to activate the provider's EPCS access.  This process requires the participation of both individuals from the same location.

To activate EPCS, complete the following steps from within the AWARDS E-Prescribing system:

    1. ADMINISTRATOR - Click the Menu icon in the upper-left corner of the E-Prescribing page.

    1. ADMINISTRATOR - Click Utilities and then select Logical Access Control.  The Logical Access Control (LAC) page is displayed.  This page lists any providers who have enrolled in EPCS already, meaning that they have completed the ID proofing process, activated their token, and entered their ID proofing confirmation code successfully.  Providers for whom EPCS has not yet been activated are listed first.
    2. ADMINISTRATOR - Change the "Grant" selection for the provider being activated / granted access from Inactive to Active by clicking the corresponding radio button.
    3. ADMINISTRATOR - In the "Granting Administrator" portion of the page, enter your first and last names in the Please confirm... field.  Doing so is an acknowledgement that you have confirmed that the provider has valid licenses.
    4. PROVIDER - In the "Authorizing Prescriber" portion of the page, select the OTP token to be used from the device list, enter the EPCS passphrase created during the ID proofing process, and enter the PIN from the OTP token.
    5. PROVIDER - Click Authorize.  Your EPCS access is now activated and you can begin electronically prescribing controlled substances within the AWARDS E-Prescribing system.

The EPCS activation process is now complete.