Logging Into and Out of AWARDS

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In order to access and work within AWARDS it is necessary to launch an AWARDS database session using an Internet browser (for example Edge, Firefox, or Chrome), and to log on to the application.  When you are done using AWARDS you must log out in order to close that database session, ensuring that no one else can access your data without logging on to AWARDS him or herself.

For added security, if, during your use of AWARDS you are inactive in the system for a specified length of time, you will be logged out automatically.  You will then need to "re-authenticate" your login in order to resume work in the database.

Logging In

Before using AWARDS, it is necessary to launch an AWARDS database session and sign on to the application.  To do so, complete the following steps:

    1. Open an Internet browser such as Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. (Click here for information on which browsers are supported for use with AWARDS.)
    2. Enter your agency or continuum's AWARDS URL into the browser and press <Enter>.  The AWARDS Login page is displayed
    3. In the fields provided, type a valid AWARDS username and password.
    4. Click Log In or press <Enter>.  The AWARDS Home screen is displayed.

IMPORTANT!  By logging in, it is an implicit acknowledgement on your part that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of Use, for which a link is provided on the login page.

IMPORTANT!  If your AWARDS database has been set up to use two-factor authentication, you will be asked to provide an authentication code after you click Log In and before the Home screen is displayed.  For detailed instructions on enrolling in two-factor authentication and it's use, please see our Two-Factor Authentication User's Guide.

The process of logging into AWARDS is now complete, and AWARDS is now available for use.

Re-Authenticating a Login

At times while using AWARDS, it may be necessary for AWARDS users to "re-authenticate," meaning sign on to the application again.  This occurs if the user is inactive in the application for more than a set number of minutes and then clicks a button in AWARDS.

  NOTE: For more information on the time out limits that determine when re-authentication is required, click here.

During the re-authentication process, the user is required to re-enter his or her username and password.  Once that has been done, he or she will be returned to the previous page.

Logging Out

To log out of AWARDS and exit the application, click the user name drop-down from the navigation bar, and then click Log Out.  Close your browser to complete the process of exiting out of AWARDS.

WARNING! A user must log out in order to end the AWARDS database session.  If this is not done, others may access AWARDS from your computer without entering a password, and your agency's user limit may be exceeded.