Notes as Encounters on CCDA

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The Notes as Encounters on CCDA component of the AWARDS Interoperability Center enables customers to share data about encounters with their RHIOs without using the Encounters feature.  Instead, it provides an alternate means of generating encounters data that happens automatically when progress notes are created and electronically signed, with rules that can be configured for specific combinations of note, encounter, and program type.

Required Permissions

The Interoperability Center is optional functionality that must be turned on and configured for your agency by Foothold Technology staff. If you are interested in using this functionality and it has not yet been set up for you, please review our Interoperability Center - Information and Pricing Sheet.

Permissions required to use the Interoperability Center in the capacity of an Administrator (once it has been turned on and configured) are as follows:

Program Chart Access

In addition, unless you are in the "Executive Officer" or "System Administrator" user groups, you must have ONE of the following permissions:

Display Executive Administration Buttons
Permissions Data Entry
Permissions Data Entry for All Staff and Layers

  NOTE: Permissions are assigned using the Permissions Maintenance feature.  If you do not have access to that feature and need a permission listed here, please contact your supervisor or your local Help Desk for assistance.

Click-by-Click Instructions

Configuring Notes as Encounters Rules - Learn to create and maintain the rules governing which combinations of notes, encounters, and program types will generate CCDA messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Notes as Encounters Frequently Asked Questions