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To copy form data from within a client intake record, complete the following steps:

  TIP: To complete the copy process immediately after intake/admission processing rather than at a later point in time, skip to step 8.  Note that when using multi-step intake you must first jump back to the intake record from the client's face sheet in order to proceed as directed here. 

  TIP: When placing a client from a Central Intake program into a placement program, FormBuilder data copies over to the placement program automatically if the form has been set to allow the option to copy over pre-existing form data.  In such cases the following procedure need not be completed. 

Form data also copies over the the placement program automatically when a placement is made from a Waiting List or with the optional Transfers functionality when certain criteria are met; for more information, see Copy FormBuilder Data Frequently Asked Questions.

    1. From the AWARDS Home screen, click Census from the left-hand menu, and then click Intake/Admission.  The Intake Records Search page is displayed.

    1. Click the Program drop-down arrow and select the program into which form data should be copied.
    2. Click the Database drop-down arrow and select "Data Entry."
    3. In order to access the intake record of the client for whom data is to be copied, a search must be performed from this page.  Limit the results of this search in one of the following ways:

  By Name - To limit record selection by client name, type his or her name, initials, and/or alias into the First Name, Last Name, and/or Alias fields, respectively.

  NOTE: Some agencies may also be able to search by other identifying information, such as social security number.

  By Screening Date - To limit record selection by date range, make adjustments to the default values in the "from" and "to" Date Range fields.  Only those records with screening dates in the range entered here are included in the search results.

    1. Click the Limit Search Results drop-down arrow and select the number of records to be displayed in the search results.
    2. Click SEARCH/CREATE.  The Referral Search Results page is displayed.  This page contains a list of any existing intake records for which the identifying information matches that entered on the Intake Records Search page.

  TIP: Click the heading of any column in the results table to sort the contents by that variable.

    1. From the "Applicant" column click the name of the client for whom the data is to be copied.  The Referral Information Form or Admission Form page is displayed, based on the type of intake process used by the program - multi-step or single-step, respectively.
    2. Click Copy FormBuilder Data.  The Copy FormBuilder Data page is displayed.

  TIP: When using multi-step intake the Copy button is located in the middle of the page, and it can be found at the bottom of the page when using single-step intake.  Keep in mind that the button is only available AFTER intake and/or admission has been processed using the intake record you are working with, and only when there is at least one form shared between this program and any other programs you have chart access to.

This page lists forms both available and unavailable for copying.  When a form is available for copying, it is listed with all programs in which form data is present for the client, along with the admission date for those programs so you can distinguish between program episodes.   Available forms are also displayed as links.  When one of those links is clicked, the corresponding form is opened in another window so that you can review its contents if needed.

When a form is unavailable for copying, the page indicates why, either because the form has not been filled out for the client in any of the programs you have chart access to, or because the form was not configured to allow for copying.

    1. In the "Forms Available for Copying" portion of the page, click the Copy Option radio button next to the program episode from which the form data is to be copied.

  TIP: In the event that more than one form is listed and you only wish to copy data from one, leave the other forms set at their default values of "Don't Copy data."

    1. Click CONTINUE.  Form data is copied based on your selections, and the Copy FormBuilder Data confirmation page is displayed.

This page lists each form that was available for copying, along with the source program and whether or not you chose to copy the form data from that program.

To directly access the form into which the data was copied, click the underlined form name on this page.

The process of copying FormBuilder data is now complete.

  NOTE: The copying of FormBuilder data using the process described above is captured in the audit trail and can be viewed using the Audit Trail ReportBuilder.