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AWARDS InSights is a powerful analytics platform for all of your agency's data.  You already collect a massive amount of data within AWARDS, ranging from client intake forms, individual outcomes data, statistics on the population you serve, and more.  InSights, our analytics tool, aggregates that data, helping you analyze it and turn it into actionable solutions.  Specifically, AWARDS gathers the data you have already entered into AWARDS and displays it in easy-to-use, interactive dashboards.  These configurable dashboards give you an instant understanding of client demographics, clinician productivity, billable services, and more!

InSights is an optional add-on service for AWARDS.  If your agency is already an InSights user, check out our InSights - Quick Start Guide to dive in.  If you haven't yet signed up for InSights but are interested in learning more, check out the InSights - AWARDS Business Intelligence Information & Service Agreement document.

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InSights - An Introduction to Foothold Technology's Premier Business Intelligence Tool (48 min) - November 2019

Join us for the launch of AWARDS InSights, a powerful new business intelligence and health analytics tool that supercharges your AWARDS data into live interactive dashboards. InSights will help save your agency time, money, and help you work to improve outcomes and experience. Best of all, InSights is a comprehensive solution that includes all of the training, service and support that you've come to know and love from Foothold, available at all times in our secure cloud and powered by Sisense. InSights is ready for you now. Take a look at this recording of our launch event to learn how you can unlock InSights for your AWARDS data.

Service Agreements

InSights - AWARDS Business Intelligence Information & Service Agreement